Activities and workshops

Notice 2011/05/09 12:01


A member of MoDe (Mobiling & Designing: Socio-media studies on designing mobile media culture and literacy)

A member of MELL PLATZ (Media Expression, Learning and Literacy)

A member of the Japanese Society of Mass communication (マスコミュニケーション学会)

A member of the Japanese Society of Information and Communication research (情報通信学会)


2011. 2  "Mobile story collector" workshop in Manila with d'CATCH (Plan, design and coordinate)

2010.10 「ケータイってなんだろう」WS「文の京・大いなる学びシリーズ第6回」(Lecture and coordinate)

2010. 9  "Performance ethnography of mobile landscape" workshop in Shanghai (Plan, design and coordinate)

2010. 7 「ケータイで遊ぼう、メディアキッズ」WS  (Coordinate)

2009. 11〜12  「私の○○なケータイ」WS  株式会社メディアゲートの社内研修 (Plan, design and coordinate)

2009. 9 「私のケータイものがたり」WS (Coordinate and logistics)

2009. 5 "Mobile landscape in Seoul" workshop in Seoul (Plan, design and coordinate)

2009上期 「Mobile in World Cities」「典型的な東京の風景in 1995/2009」WS 東京大学大学院情報学環教育部研究生「モバイルの比較文化的メディア論」の一環 (Coordinate and logistics)